What is Cull Plan

Cull Plan  is here to help Farmers, Landowners, Foresters, manage deer numbers on their land, 

What we do

At the request of landowners we carry out deer Counts using Thermal imaging, and Time Laps cameras to estimate the  number of animals on your land.

From the information gathered we can produce a cull plan tailored to your needs, 

Some landowners want numbers reduced, others want numbers to remain stable,  most want injured and sick animals removed.

Once you are presented with the Cull Plan you can decide if you would like us to carry out the work or use your own contractor, if you choose to use our operators the service is totally free.

If you are looking at this site i am sure that you already realise that deer numbers are getting out of control in Kent and Sussex and they need to be managed.

By using Cull Plan you can rest assured that  selected animals will be dispatched in a professional humane manner.